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PurSonic Mister Humidifier

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Pack. & Delivery:manufacturer packaging
Origin:United States
Specification:A cool mist humidifier with the added power of active oxygen, the PurSonic Mister helps prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria in the tank as it adds moisture to the room. Create a fresh, clean, and healthier environment in your home or office all year around by replacing moisture taken away by HVAC systems, furnaces, and dry weather. Keeping a comfortable humidity level also helps avoid static problems, dry skin, and can save energy in the winter by making it feel warmer indoors..
Max 03 280 ml/ hr
Technology Ultrasonic O3
Power Usage 120 Volts, 40 watts
Lint Screens & Filters Replaceable scale filter
Applications Homes, offices, apartments
Coverage 310 ft2
Size 13.75 wide x 10.75 high x 8.5 deep
Weight 6.6 lbs
Tank Capacity 1.7 gal ( 6.5L)
Warranty Length of warranty will vary depending on model
See warranty card for specific details

Company Contact
Name:Mrs. Fay Mix [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Phone Number:01-319-947-4820
Address:10724 Snowdrop Way
Indianapolis 46235, Indiana
United States
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